Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: While visiting this site, I click “Continue” button, and it redirects me to a advertisement page. What should I do then?
Ans: Wait 5 seconds. You will see “SKIP THIS AD” at the upper right corner. Click on it to return to our blog’s main page. If you see “Image Verification Check” page; then select “General Audience”, type the Captcha shown on the page, and press “Submit” button. If the Captcha you typed is correct then wait 5 seconds, and you will see “SKIP THIS AD” at the upper right corner. Click on it to return to our blog’s main page. Do Not download anything offered by the advertisement page, because most of them contains virus. [Video Tuitorial Coming Soon]


Q: I’ve clicked on “SKIP THIS AD” button; but I’m facing the advertisement again and again. What should I do?
Ans: You are facing this problem because you are using some kind of Ad-Blocker plugin or extension which creating this problem. Disable the plugin or extension (restart your browser if necessary) and refresh our blog’s link.


Q: When I try to get a premium account or cookie, I’ve to face 2-3 advertisement pages. Why this is necessary?
Ans: This would not be necessary if our domain and hosting both would be a free one. That means, by your visiting of the advertisement links, we earn a very few amount of money which helps us to pay our domain and hosting bill at the last of every month. This is necessary to keep our site alive. We have a request to you, if you find our site useful even if for once, please support us by visiting the advertisement links by which we wrap our premium credentials. Please be considerate. We are here for you only…


Q: How do I get premium accounts or cookies?
Ans: We publish premium accounts and cookies with screenshots of different file hosting and debrid (premium link generator) sites at our home page. If you want a premium account, then click on “Click Here” text below the screenshot. You will face 2-3 advertisement pages one-by-one before you get the corresponding account(s) or cookie(s). The accounts are posted in these two formats:
(1) username – password
(2) email – password
If you see incorrect login error while logging in; it means someone already changed the password of that account. If you see banned error while logging in, it means the account has been banned by the server for violating their policies.

If the above answers can not solve your problem, then feel free to Contact Us.